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What Men Want In A Designer Watch

Mark Etinger

Women have buy panerai watches a very definite understanding of what they want in their accessories. And for many women, accessories – designer watches included – feel more like extensions of themselves than simple jewelry. Women do not wear watches to know the time; or it certainly does not tell the whole story behind their love of watches at least. Women’s watches must go well beyond their original call of duty and work double time as a statement-making fashion accessory and time-telling device –hence the explosive popularity of designer watches and luxury watches of every size and color for women. This is just how it has always been for women and their watches. This is also how all women’s friends buy panerai watchs think. So, the question pinging through women’s brains as they contemplate purchasing the main man in their lives a watch is this: Does he, too, think like this?

And have they always thought like that?Well, you can blame it on the metro-sexual trend, but more and more men these days are starting to have thought processes that strangely mimic women’s fashion obsessed minds. A vast majority of these men have moved past the stance that their watches must be utilitarian and purpose-driven and often devoid of style. They have started to embrace the philosophy of fashion as a way of telling time. And, they have started scooping up designer watches like Patek watches, Hublot watches and Panerai watches up by the dozens.

So, what to look for in a man’s designer watch? An understated watch with elegant class is the natural choice after dark and at formal events. While it can work with a tux, it also works equally well under the cuff of a navy pinstripe suit. Just keep the band simple and unfussy for him. In terms of the dial, an all black or ceramic face or one crafted in an etched pattern is a distinguished choice. Men’s watches tend to be far larger than that of their female counterparts. But that doesn’t mean a buyer has to purchase the biggest watch face in a collection. Slim and sleek Patek Philippe watches, for examples, can look just as well on a man’s larger wrist.

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